Kellogg's Foodservice K12

What's New

Kellogg’s Away From Home’s innovation regularly brings exciting new products to market to drive c-store sales. Learn more about our new products that can help boost sales.

Pringles® Scorchin’

The spicy hot trend is spreading like fire! Pringles® Scorchin’ BBQ and Pringles® Scorchin’ Cheddar are available in both standard can and large grab n go sizes.

Pop-Tarts® Bites

Introducing Pop-Tarts® Bites – the same Pop-Tarts® crust and filling everyone loves – now in a bite-sized snack! Available in resealable bags in Chocolatey Fudge and Frosted Strawberry flavors.

Nutri-Grain® Bites Awesome Apple & Strawberry Blast

Deliciously sweet, soft-baked Nutri-Grain® Bites give consumers the energy to fuel their mornings with no mess. Made with real fruit and whole grains, Nutri-Grain® Bites fit perfectly in an on-the-go lifestyle. Available in Awesome Apple and Strawberry Blast flavors.

Cheez-It Grooves® Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar

Consumers are looking for extreme heat snacking experiences – the hotter, the better! Introducing Cheez-It Grooves® Scorchin’ Hot Cheddar flavor – the latest addition to the Cheez-It Grooves® portfolio. This perfect combination of 100% real cheese and spicy flavor really heats up snack time.

Cheez-It® Snap’d® Jalapeño Jack

The latest, exciting flavor addition to the Cheez-It® Snap’d® lineup is Jalapeño Jack. Cheez-It® Snap’d® are the thin, crispy snack with the 100% real cheese taste consumers crave inside and out. Now available in this bold, delicious flavor.

Kellogg’s® Jumbo Snax Tiger Paws & Froot Loops®

Kellogg’s® Jumbo Snax bring a combination of the nostalgic brands and fun-to-eat flavors consumers love in a larger size, perfect for snacking anytime, anywhere. Available in Tiger Paws and Froot Loops® flavors and shapes.

Rice Krispies Treats® Dunk’d™ Chocolatey Strawberry

Rice Krispies Treats® Dunk’d™ Chocolatey Strawberry is the latest flavor addition to the Rice Krispies Treats® Dunk’d™ roster. A full-size strawberry Rice Krispies Treats® bar enrobed in creamy, chocolatey goodness. Now, all Rice Krispies Treats® Dunk’d™ bars come in a NEW 12-pack carton requiring 3.5” less shelf space and allowing for increased variety and sales.

Pop-Tarts® Froot Loops®

Pop-Tarts® – the #1 toaster pastry brand – now brings you two iconic brands and flavors in one amazing snack: Pop-Tarts® Froot Loops®! Featuring six unique Froot Loops® designs printed on the frosting. Offer consumers the snack they’ve asked for in Pop-Tarts® Froot Loops®.