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Big Flavor On Campus

Today’s students are not playing by the rules of dayparts. They build meals and snacks in components and expect to get any type of food at any time of day. So let us help you extend reach with some of their favorites!

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Keep students on campus with “anytime” breakfast items from Kellogg’s®.
Our wide variety of top-performing, low or no prep foods are displayable in many ways and easy for students to grab and go.


Satisfy on-the-go students with their favorite Kellogg’s® snacks.
From Cheez-it® and Pringles® to Pop Tarts®, Rice Krispies Treats® and more, we have the variety to meet cravings around the clock.

Plant Based Foods

Expand, meet demand, and create delicious meat-free swaps with Kellogg’s® trusted, easy-to-use plant-based options.