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Flexitarian Diners, Plant-Based Craves

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The Situation

Plant-based isn’t just for vegetarians anymore! With over ⅓ of Americans identifying as flexitarians, plant-based proteins are projected to grow almost 3,300% across menus over the next 4 years1. Meeting that wave of consumer demand is critical.

The Challenge

We asked our Crave Makers and Culinary Insiders - our team of industry leading chefs - to create menu ideas that will help operators stand out from their competitors while staying authentic to their menu.

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Chef Mario Talks Plant-Based, Menu Versatility

Chef Mario, Hilton Hotels, Chicago

For Chef Mario, doing plant based different is all about different experiences - from in-room service, to catering, and high-end dinner - plant-based protein helps him create unique menu options for his guests.

Every meal occasion needs to be a different experience, and plant-based helps me deliver."
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Chef Oona Brings a Global Twist to a Classic

Chef Oona, Kellogg’s Away From Home

Check out how Chef Oona makes plant-based proteins stand out by putting a global spin on familiar favorites.

One way to do plant-based differently is to build a flavor profile - whether it’s global or an unexpected twist, just make it authentic to its roots."
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Chef Brian on Plant-Based Indulgence

Chef Brian, Frontier and Ina Mae Tavern

Chef Brian takes plant-based to the next level with indulgent dishes flexitarian guests will crave.

Meat-eaters who are experimenting with plant-based still typically like a heavier, meatier dish. Plant-based options don’t need to sacrifice indulgence."
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1 Datassential, 2021 Vision, Proprietary Research for Kellogg’s Away From Home.